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Storm Anesthesia has been delivering our Anesthesia Review Course since 2006. During the pandemic, we spent eight months converting and expanding all our teaching to an online version of the course. We now offer the Storm Anesthesia Review as an online course available via a web browser or our dedicated App. Whether you use a PC or a Mac, we have you covered. You can download our App using the link below, and we support both Android (Google) and iOs (Apple).

Storm Anesthesia Review includes 12 topics covering significant aspects of nurse anesthesia, and each topic contains multiple video presentations of the material. A quick Mini-Quiz follows each video with three questions.

This microlearning concept allows you to learn in small bite-sized chunks when you have time. Not when convenient to us or your program, but when you have a few minutes to spare for review. Easy, simple, and straightforward. The way it should be.

The topics we cover include:

  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular for Nurse Anesthesia
  • Hepatobiliary Anesthesia
  • Neuro Anesthesia Anatomy and Physiology
  • Neuro Anesthesia Head and Neck
  • Obstetric for Nurse Anesthesia Overview
  • Pediatrics for Nurse Anesthesia
  • Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia
  • Physics for Nurse Anesthesia
  • Regional for Nurse Anesthesia
  • Renal for Nurse Anesthesia
  • Respiratory for Nurse Anesthesia

Furthermore, we don't just give you the narrated videos; we also include all the associated chapters from the Storm Anesthesia Review vol. I+II as eBooks. This 750-page 2-volume compendium is the most ambitious text we have written. It reviews the material in great depth and can be extremely valuable in reviewing the material your program has taught you. 

And there is more! We have created a downloadable Workbook for each topic in Storm Anesthesia Review. These Workbooks contain all the slides and images from the presentation and an additional 1165 Test-Yourself questions. 

If you choose a tablet or phone, you may want to use our dedicated App. Our App is available in both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Click on our App icon to learn more details regarding the Storm Anesthesia Review course. 

 You can download the App here: