Storm Anesthesia Manual

The Storm Anesthesia Manual - SAM is our course manual. It contains our full course outline - plus several chapters on additional anesthesia topics we don't touch on during our course. The Manual received a major overhaul with updates and formatting in 2020.

SAM is fully referenced to many of the major textbooks on the market. We go to great lengths to make reference to the actual page number, where we found the material. SAM has numerous color graphics, which enhances the reader's experience and understanding of the material.

We print SAM on 24# paper, which makes it easy to highlight text, without the highlighting showing through the pages. Most books like this are printed on cheap and flimsy 20# copy paper. SAM is comb bound so it can stay flat on the table. This obviously makes it easier to read and make notations in the book.

SAM is 520 pages full of information provided with a different approach than most review books. Although SAM is meant as a workbook for our review course, the material is universal and written to benefit the reader long after the review course. No copies of PowerPoint slides, but actual longhand paragraphs, which makes it much easier to read when studying for boards or refreshing the CRNA's memory.

This review book is also written so non-course takers can have the full benefit of the information. This makes it ideal even if you don't take our course.

You can view several sample pages from the book

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