Storm Anesthesia Review Course

Storm Anesthesia Review Course ONLINE version

We have worked diligently during the pandemic to convert our in-person review course to an online version. We think the final product is well worth the long wait.

Our in-person review course was taught over two consecutive days from 08.00 to 18.30 daily. Two VERY long days for all students sitting through our classes. There is just no alternative to cover a large amount of material in a few days. Most anesthesia programs are reluctant (for good reasons) to take their students out of clinical for any extended period of time. Lost time in the OR is not in the student's best interest.

Well, we listened and have now fully converted our in-person review course to an online version. 

The online course is also an expanded version of our in-person teaching. Since we are no longer constrained by only having two days, we decided to expand all our lectures to cover the material better. We also added a Workbook and an eBook to each lecture. 

Our Workbook contains all the slides and images we use during the presentation. Additionally, the Workbook contains many Test-Yourself Questions covering the material you just learned. Each Workbook has multiple questions, we added 1165 questions to the Workbooks. These Workbooks are in full color and available as free downloadable PDF documents for the learner.

Our eBooks are chapters from the Storm Anesthesia Review 2-volume compendium. The only difference is that the printed version contains exact references to where we found the information. The eBooks do not have these references.

The online version is available on any device you use, whether it is an Android or Apple phone or tablet or you prefer to use your computer. We have you covered on any device. You create an account with (this is our course arm of Storm Anesthesia), and you will have access on all your devices at any time.

The Storm Anesthesia Review Course gives you access to all material for three years. No extra fee for having access during the full length of your program.

You can learn more about this excellent new product by clicking here Storm Anesthesia Review Course Online.