Storm Anesthesia Manual Part 1

Storm Anesthesia Manual - Part 1 is now available. New format, fully updated writing and references, and with expanded chapters. A true must for any student of anesthesia.

Storm Anesthesia Manual Part 1 - or SAM Part 1 for short - is our most ambitious project to date.

We have rewritten, fully updated, improved images and tables, and given SAM a new format. Overall, this is a totally rewamped product. We think this will be a significant improvement for your board studies or a fantastic review for the practicing CRNA.

As usual, we reference almost everything we write and use only major anesthesia textbooks. This edition is updated to the most current editions of the textbooks we utilize.

SAM Part 1 is the first installment in a two-part series. We are currently working on Part 2, which will take the remaining chapters of our original Storm Anesthesia Manual and give them the same overhaul. This is a very laborious process and we don't think we will have Part 2 available untill late 2019.

The following pages are examples from SAM Part 1

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Order this very exciting book, only $99.00.